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Bon bini - Welcome to Aruba!

Bonbini, in our native language of Papiamento, means "Welcome". Welcome to Aruba. The word is ours. But we like to think the meaning is universal. Diane Keijzer Our beaches curve like an Aruban smile along the western shores, soft and white and fringed with palm trees, sloping gently toward the calm transparent turquoise of the Caribbean.

The waves of the windward coast crash like incessant thunder against the northern cliffs, carving high, arched coral bridges and deep, dark secret limestone grottoes.

Between the two extremes, in a desert landscape where the cacti grow to the height of a man, great building-sized tumbles of boulders stand like the legacy of some ancient, angry god. Winding roads lead to rocky passes and hidden coves, or sometimes to nowhere at all. Giant green parakeets call to their mates, and troupials flash brilliant orange against the deep blue of the Caribbean sky.

This is not the Caribbean as usual. This is Aruba! And if its true that opposites attract, then this could well be the most attractive island of them all. The fact is, if you're looking for it, and if it has anything to do with a great Caribbean getaway, you can probably find it here in Aruba.

Aruba Tourism Authority As you explore, as you get to know Aruba, you'll soon begin to notice the smiling faces everywhere. Real smiles. Gracious smiles. Sheer-joy-of-living smiles. Aruba, as any traveler here will tell you, must surely be among the most welcoming places on Earth.

Maybe its the Dutch tradition of hospitality. Maybe its the long and prosperous history of the island. Maybe its the year-round warmth of the sunshine and the fresh breezes of the tradewinds. More than likely, its all those things and more. But whatever it is, its absolutely true: Aruba is a genuinely happy place to be. And the people who live here, in the cities, in the villages, in the countryside, are genuinely happy to be sharing it with you.

So, sit back, relax and explore our website, where you will find many things to do, places to go and things to see, as well as important information to help you plan your visit to Aruba, "One Happy Island".


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